Monday, September 16, 2013

Text Tree

I decided that for my text project, that was themed "culture", I would make a family tree. At first I was going to make a tree on paper and write words on it, but then I got the idea to paint family words on an actual tree. So I found a tree with pretty smooth bark(Willow Oak), and used acrylic paint, and put a base coat of white, then I added family words, like mother, father, son , cousin, etc. I wrapped the words going around the tree at a slant, so the words continuosly went up the tree. The risk I took with this project was painting an actual tree, rather than a peice of paper, becasue I didn't know if the paint would stay on, or if the rain would mess up the project. There could be several meanings to this project. Some people just see letters on a tree, some people see the family words, and some people only look at it from one direction and see three lettered words, like her, fat, and sin. I overall really liked this project because I got to work outside with it and use a whole bottle of paint.