Friday, December 9, 2011

pastel still life

This was a fun, but messy project. I used chalk pastel, which goes everywhere when smeered. Anyways, we had some still life in front of usand we had to draw part of it or all of it. So this is what I drew, and it was actually pretty hard but in the end, it was fun.


We had some clay, and some bowls, so we flattened the clay and put it on a bowl, then we cut it out and made disigns on it. It was kinda fun, but not my favorite activity.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

box art

This project was kinda fun. We had to find a picture, and then project it onto some boxes. We had to trace the pictures and words onto the boxes and paper and then paint them the right colors. One box had to be in front of the other so when you look at the picture at the right angle then you will see the picture. If you look at it from the wrong angle than it will just look like random boxes with paint on them.

By the way the picture we had was a coke bottle that was rainbow colors, and the words said "Taste the rainbow" on it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spraypaint Stencil

This is me pulling off the stencil. There is no picture of the final picture, so this is what you get to see. My picture was a horse, and since I did not have white spraypaint, I used different colors. This project took a long time because we had to cut the wood, nail the frame together, staple a piece of card board to the back and paint it the color we wanted. In all it was very fun.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

chalk drawing

This was fun at first, but then it got confusing and annoying. We had to find a picture of an animal and make the picture into little pixels of colors. Then we had to draw the picture on a brick wall to match the picture we had. One of our groups members got off by one or two bricks, so we had to change out picture a little bit.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mud Painting

This was really fun. We had to find a picture that we wanted to make out of mud. My group decided to makie a hare. You can see the real picture beside our "painting". We had to draw it in chalk first--that is the red... and then we had to put the right shades of mud in where its suppossed to be. Mr. Sands went to Lowes or someplace, and got a bag of dirt for like 5 dollers. It had multch all in it, so it was really hard to paint with it.

Oil Pastel People

Okay, thare is one thing I must say... this looks SO much better in person.
       But the project was fun, I liked having the choice of choosing what person we could draw. I could have added more shadows to both faces, to make it look better. By the way, this is a picture of me and my mother when I was like seven.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Value shading art

There were pictures of everybody face down on the white board, we had to choose a picture then draw them. This is who I had to draw. I did not like to shade half of the face dark, it took a long time and I could never get the shadows dark enough.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Horse shadow art

This was really fun. We had to think of something and cut it out on a piece of paper, then hold it in front ofa bright light. I cut out a horse, and then taped it onto another piece of construction paper. I held it in front of the light so the shadow shows through. I also cut out the eye, so there would be three different shades of light showing through.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Frogs drawings

This is my drawing of a frog floating in the water in a bucket. The drawing below is when I had to look only at the frog and draw it on the paper without looking at the paper. Really hard!

Drawing time

First day of drawing! Guess what's in the bucket?? Duh... of course there are frogs in the bucket, what else? The three frogs kept jumping around in the water so it was hard to draw them unless you have a really good photographic memory.

light drawing art

This was really fun, but hard. We had to use glow sticks in the dark and let the camera capture the light we drew with. This is one of my gruop members who thought a heart would be cool to draw with light.

Zebra animal hands

This was supposed to be my horse animal hand... but it turned out to be a zebra instead... : ) I had this on my hand the whole day and by the end of the day my hand looked so... odd. Overall though, it was really fun and I enjoyed it.

Dwarf bunny art

This is a great use for old cassette tapes you want to throw away. I had a picture of a bunny in my hand and decided to recreate it using the tape. It was hard to cut the right length of tape to match, and it was also hard to glue the tape down without it sticking to my fingers.

Horse hand art

This is my drawing of a horse... on a hand. We had to draw what we wanted to paint on our hands first. The idea to paint on our hand was really cool, the hard part was to find the right animal you wanted on your hand the whole day.