Wednesday, January 8, 2014


 For my perspective art piece, I did an anamorphosis. I drew a pencil at an angle so when someone looks at it straight forward, it is disproportionate, but if they look at it from a low perspective, it looks proportional and it looks like it is standing straight up off the table.
This started as a doodle idea, when I was in the brainstorming stage. I had no clue what I wanted to do for my project, I started drawing a pencil on the table, the point faced right at the camera, then someone walked around to the other side of it, and said it kinda looked like it was standing up. My art friends convinced me to try to redo it so it was an anamorphosis and actually looked like it was standing. I used colored pencil as my medium because I wanted it to look more realistic, and I knew if I painted it, it wouldn't look as good. My risk here was the type of perspective, I had never done an anamrophosis befor, so it was a bit of a challenge to get the proportions right.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The layering project was probably one of the hardest for me. I couldn't come up with many ideas for this one. I started out wanting to find a nice clean wall in the school(which is hard to find at Apex High), and sticky note a tree on it. I wanted to use layers of sticky notes to make the tree 3D off the wall, but my ol' classmates said I should just use a real tree and sticky note that. So I decided that would be going a step further than a wall. I set out with a friend and a saw into the woods looking for the perfect tree. The trailer of students we had to pass three times probably thought we were crazy cereal killers looking to saw someone, but anyway, I found the tree I wanted. It was a red maple sapling, with no leaves, not too big, and not too small. I got it inside and started to trim the branches that I didn't want on there, and realized one of the branches I sawed off, I wanted in another spot on the tree. So my teacher, Mr. Sands gave me a power drill and a hot glue gun and let me go to work! I drilled a hole partially through the trunk of the sapling and then hot glued it in.
 Then came the sticky noting. I had originally planned the sticky notes to be white, but later found out they don't come in white, or at least they are impossible to find. So I went to my second choice, yellow. I got the mini ones and hot glued them to the tree's trunk and limbs until only about 5 inches of each limb was showing.. 
 I was getting bored with all the yellow, so I decided to spice it up and put some color in it, and a different look. Pink, and smaller sticky notes. I cut regular hot pink sticky notes into strips and put them on the rest of the tree. It ended up looking like a cherry tree, which wasn't what I wanted, but oh well

Time as an Element

This is my Time project. This project was one of the more difficult ones to get ideas for because it is such a broad word, and there are several different meanings to one word. When we first got the assignment, some of my ideas were the easy and the obvious, like drawing a tree growing, or a piece of fruit rotting over time. I also wanted to do a picture shot by shot of the movements while an animal is running, but I had seen several of those before, and felt like I would have just been choosing an easy route and copying an already overused idea. 

 I still liked the shot by shot drawing idea; then the idea popped in my head that I could do a "shot by shot" of an animal's life from beginning to end. I decided on a rabbit, because I like them :) and most people see them as the cute and fluffy creatures in pet stores, but they forget what the rabbit was originally used for. Food.

 So I drew a meat rabbit (New Zealand) newborn, then a week old, to 8 weeks, 3 months, and 5 months old. Then I drew it dead, and next I drew a plate of food. I was going to draw it hung up being skinned, but I thought that was a little too morbid for school, so laying there dead worked fine. I chose to use stippling as my medium because I wanted to bring out emotion in the work, but I again I didn't want to be too much for the fluffy bunny lovers all at once.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Text Tree

I decided that for my text project, that was themed "culture", I would make a family tree. At first I was going to make a tree on paper and write words on it, but then I got the idea to paint family words on an actual tree. So I found a tree with pretty smooth bark(Willow Oak), and used acrylic paint, and put a base coat of white, then I added family words, like mother, father, son , cousin, etc. I wrapped the words going around the tree at a slant, so the words continuosly went up the tree. The risk I took with this project was painting an actual tree, rather than a peice of paper, becasue I didn't know if the paint would stay on, or if the rain would mess up the project. There could be several meanings to this project. Some people just see letters on a tree, some people see the family words, and some people only look at it from one direction and see three lettered words, like her, fat, and sin. I overall really liked this project because I got to work outside with it and use a whole bottle of paint.

Monday, January 9, 2012

photo shop

This is my Zhino. This was a fun project, we photoshoped a zebra and put him on a Rhino, and this is what he looks like.

Friday, December 9, 2011

pastel still life

This was a fun, but messy project. I used chalk pastel, which goes everywhere when smeered. Anyways, we had some still life in front of usand we had to draw part of it or all of it. So this is what I drew, and it was actually pretty hard but in the end, it was fun.


We had some clay, and some bowls, so we flattened the clay and put it on a bowl, then we cut it out and made disigns on it. It was kinda fun, but not my favorite activity.