Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Time as an Element

This is my Time project. This project was one of the more difficult ones to get ideas for because it is such a broad word, and there are several different meanings to one word. When we first got the assignment, some of my ideas were the easy and the obvious, like drawing a tree growing, or a piece of fruit rotting over time. I also wanted to do a picture shot by shot of the movements while an animal is running, but I had seen several of those before, and felt like I would have just been choosing an easy route and copying an already overused idea. 

 I still liked the shot by shot drawing idea; then the idea popped in my head that I could do a "shot by shot" of an animal's life from beginning to end. I decided on a rabbit, because I like them :) and most people see them as the cute and fluffy creatures in pet stores, but they forget what the rabbit was originally used for. Food.

 So I drew a meat rabbit (New Zealand) newborn, then a week old, to 8 weeks, 3 months, and 5 months old. Then I drew it dead, and next I drew a plate of food. I was going to draw it hung up being skinned, but I thought that was a little too morbid for school, so laying there dead worked fine. I chose to use stippling as my medium because I wanted to bring out emotion in the work, but I again I didn't want to be too much for the fluffy bunny lovers all at once.

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