Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The layering project was probably one of the hardest for me. I couldn't come up with many ideas for this one. I started out wanting to find a nice clean wall in the school(which is hard to find at Apex High), and sticky note a tree on it. I wanted to use layers of sticky notes to make the tree 3D off the wall, but my ol' classmates said I should just use a real tree and sticky note that. So I decided that would be going a step further than a wall. I set out with a friend and a saw into the woods looking for the perfect tree. The trailer of students we had to pass three times probably thought we were crazy cereal killers looking to saw someone, but anyway, I found the tree I wanted. It was a red maple sapling, with no leaves, not too big, and not too small. I got it inside and started to trim the branches that I didn't want on there, and realized one of the branches I sawed off, I wanted in another spot on the tree. So my teacher, Mr. Sands gave me a power drill and a hot glue gun and let me go to work! I drilled a hole partially through the trunk of the sapling and then hot glued it in.
 Then came the sticky noting. I had originally planned the sticky notes to be white, but later found out they don't come in white, or at least they are impossible to find. So I went to my second choice, yellow. I got the mini ones and hot glued them to the tree's trunk and limbs until only about 5 inches of each limb was showing.. 
 I was getting bored with all the yellow, so I decided to spice it up and put some color in it, and a different look. Pink, and smaller sticky notes. I cut regular hot pink sticky notes into strips and put them on the rest of the tree. It ended up looking like a cherry tree, which wasn't what I wanted, but oh well

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